Safety Boiler Suits Cheadle

As seen on Channel 4's Misfits!

Safety Boiler Suits – Product Description

Safety boiler suits are great for all body protection when working generally in the workplace or when performing heavy duty manual labour.


Overall Orange Concealed Zip Super Click Boilersuit Boiler suits Manchester is a poly cotton coverall boiler-suit with a concealed two way zip front, two zipped breast pockets with flaps a reinforced elasticated waist with double pen pocket on sleeve, two swing hip pockets with side access. Two rear pocket one with Velcro fastening, also a rule leg pocket and hammer loop.

Price – £15.30 inc.VAT

Coveralls come in a large size range from a chest size of 34 to chest size 58.

This Boiler suit is a hard wearing 65% polyester, 35% cotton, generously cut to fit over and protect normal clothing. Coveralls are sometimes referred to as overall, boiler suits and Jumpsuits, all products are the same. suitable for working in the as deck crew and maritime industries.

The vast majority of boiler suits are simply intended as a one piece suit to keep dirt and spills off you whilst working. They are particularly popular as they are very comfortable to wear and there is no join between the top and bottoms, eliminating riding up which creates gaps for dirt and bits to get in. This is a particularly prominent problem with mechanics when lying down underneath cars, groundsmen when grass cutting etc but equally applies to many other trades. The most popular colour for boiler-suits is navy blue as this hides the dirt, although farmers and groundsmen often prefer bottle or spruce green and painters and decorators usually go for white. Orange are used in the maritime sector for visibility should you fall overboard, red boiler suits are mostly for the oil and gas industry, royal blue for use in maintenance and transport, black coveralls are versatile and have been used by undertakers.

Orange Boiler suits as seen on “Misfits” Supplied by GMTS work wear May 2011. [Wiki]

Orange overalls are also very popular for fancy dress and stag parties. Should you wish to be a Prisoner from Guantanamo bay, Escaped Convict or having fun as a Misfits from Channel Four television series.

 Available in all sizes!


Overall Orange Concealed Zip Super Click Boilersuit