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Our Wellington Boots – Product Description

Our wellington boots keep your feet as they should be in muddy predicaments while also making sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Dunlop Budget White Wellingtons


Wellingtons Manchester, are White non safety wellington boots are great quality white wellingtons for general indoor or outdoor use, White Wellington boots, non safety wellington boots are 100% waterproof, with improved traction over tough terrain, muddy fields, grass and muddy slopes. Ideal for caravanning and festivals. These Dunlop Budget White Wellingtons, budget wellies are available in a variety of sizes ranging from size 03 to size 12, suitable for general outdoor use and can also be used in the food processing industry, cake shops and bakeries, please note these are non safety.

Price – £12.54 incl. VAT

Wellingtons Manchester come with the Dunlop logo on the sides and have Green rubber soles with a thick tread to maintain excellent grip and easy clean sole. The Dunlop Budget White Wellingtons, is available in a wide range of sizes. Dunlop Budget White Wellingtons boot is resistant against minerals, animal and plant oils and fats, disinfectants and various chemicals. Has no steel components, a white upper with a green sole which is resistance to low concentration acids, bases, disinfectants and fertilizer. Conforms to Standard CE.

Wellingtons Manchester, non safety wellingtons are part of Dunlop non safety range and are excellent value for money, the build quality is high as can be expected from Dunlop. A complete set of sizes are available and are suitable for both men and women.

Available in all sizes!


Dunlop Budget White Wellingtons